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Maximise Your Online Applications

February 17, 2011

Applying for a job can be so easy nowadays there are many services online that are designed to make things as easy as possible. But remember you are ONE of many and first impressions count. If you fail to impress the agent or recruiter when you apply for a job its very unlikely you’ll get the job.

If had a cent for every time I’d been sent a blank email with a cv attached or one person applying to all the jobs on the site, id be a rich man. Unfortunately there is so much advice out there, ignorance is not an excuse anymore.

At lankacareers.com we decided to write a blog post to highlight the points that our clients have made.

1. Look for jobs that are appropriate – It’s hard to say but look at your skills and experience and decide what jobs you can realistically do and do well. There is little point in applying for a job in finance if your background is in travel. Recruiters want people with relevant experience, people who can add to a team and help it grow.

2. Tailor your cv – A recruiter can often receive hundreds of cv’s. She/he needs to be able to scan your cv and understand immediately who you are and what you can do and how you can add value to the company. Sometimes job descriptions can be brief and it may be hard to really know what the job is about. Spend some time and try your best to tailor the submitted cv to the job you’re applying for.

3. Get your cover letter right – Whether you’re submitting your cv with an email or via a website, be sure where possible to write a decent cover letter. Be respectful clear and confident (but not too cocky) in your writing style and highlight your relevant skills and experience in order to encourage your potential employer to actually read your cv.

In future posting we will approach how you can get more out of your cv and cover letters.

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